113 Internship

The 113 internship program is seeking applicants in 4 categories: media intern, administrative intern, community outreach intern, and general intern.

All 113 intern positions provide a unique opportunity to engage with an exciting roster of musicians from around the world, attend concerts free of charge, participate in masterclasses, and observe panel reviews of call-for-score entries. Media interns will develop skills in digital editing and design, audiovisual documentation, and social media management. Administrative interns will gain experience with patron management, grant research, grant writing, evaluation, communications with foundations and government officials, and office skills. Community Outreach interns will have the opportunity to assist 113 in engaging with people whose circumstances would otherwise bar access to the arts. General interns will be trained in onsite operations and develop experience managing relations with artistic and organizational partners.   

Key Media Responsibilities:

  • Assistance in the design of concert programs, posters, ads, and printed materials

  • Preparation of media for grant applications

  • Assistance with website maintenance

  • Assistance with social media, marketing, and PR strategic development

  • Assistance with on-site audiovisual project documentation at 113 events

  • Assistance with editing and archiving documentation of past projects

  • Other duties as needed

Key Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Assisting with grant writing

  • Proofreading

  • Assistance with letter writing to government officials, donors, and foundations.

  • Assisting with data collection, entry, and analysis

  • Communication with and providing general support to committee heads

  • Researching administrative queries and potential funding opportunities

  • Contacting and following up with community partners

  • Organizing and scheduling appointments

  • Other duties as needed or as able

Key Community Outreach Responsibilities:

  • Acting as 113’s liaison with cultural centers, schools, senior centers, student groups, local businesses, and other organizations that may wish to co-host events with 113.  

  • Assistance with marketing research and data collection.

  • Assistance with public relations.

  • On-site assistance during seminars, concerts, and workshops.

  • Assistance with recruitment of translators.

  • Other duties as needed.

Key General Responsibilities:

  • Assisting on-site with ushering, cashiering, setup/tear-down.

  • Assisting 113’s artistic liaison in communicating with performing artists, ensembles, and arts organizations.  

  • Booking travel and lodging arrangements for guest artists.

  • Communication with and providing general support to committee heads.

  • Monitor paypal emails.

  • Other duties as needed.

Schedule and Location:

Weekly work schedule is flexible, based on applicant’s availability. Number of weekly hours is negotiable. Ability to work during 113 performances is required. Primary work location is negotiable and some telecommuting is possible. Concert venues vary, and are located throughout the Twin Cities in areas that are easily accessible by public transportation and car.

Skills and Qualifications:

The ideal candidate for any of our intern positions is driven, self-motivated, able to work independently, willing to follow direction, works well as part of a team, and detail-oriented. the ability to follow through on large projects; understanding of Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail; and have their own laptop computer in working condition. Music knowledge is a plus, but not required.

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume listing all relevant experience to info@113collective.com. Positions are open until filled.

Candidates are additionally encouraged to apply for internship scholarships, or to enroll in courses that offer course credit through internships. For UMN students, we recommend applying for the CLA Internship Scholarship in the amount of $1500.00 or to register for course credit through CLA courses ID 1201 Major and Career Exploration, ID 3201 Career Planning, or ID 3208 Internship Reflection. For non-UMN students, we will help research other options. Our grant writing team is ready to assist you. Though 113 cannot provide compensation for interns who do not receive an outside scholarship, interns who perform duties beyond the scope of their assigned responsibilities may be considered for paid contract work on a per-project basis.