2019-2020 Season


Dear Ape by Alfred Jimenez
for two performers

33 Words by Andrew Greenwald
for solo soprano saxophone

Acousocial Solutions Production Promotion and Live Catalog Demonstration by Heather Mease
for open instrumentation and actor

dove tutto è stato preso (Innerspace II) by Maurizio Azzan
for solo piano

L'énigme et son sommeil by Jean-Pascal Chaigne
for solo voice

Impressões - no. 1 by Helder Oliveira
for solo voice

Esplorazione VII by Marco Longo
for solo voice



Untitled on Earth by Pedro Alvarez
for cymbals and double bass

Utopia (omaggio a Luciano Berio) by Christian Dimpker
for solo flute

A Greater Revelation by James Erber
for flute and clarinet in Bb

please do not by Inti Figgis-Vizueta
for bass flute, bass clarinet, tam-tam, and soprano

Penumbra by Uri Kochavi
for amplified flute and clarinet

In Between by Yu Kuwabara
for alto saxophone, percussion, and piano

[VIsi-klIXvlc] by Joan Arnau Pàmies
for clarinet in Eb and any string instrument

P.I.TCH by Valentin Pelisch
for violin and video

Ghost by Ivan Vukosavljević
for bass clarinet and vibraphone 

Isolated strands of reflection by Frej Wedlund
for soprano saxophone, percussion, and piano


Constructive Drama by Amer Ali
for solo piano  

Of Dust and Sand by Per Bloland
for alto saxophone and piano with electromagnets  

What Will Sound (was already sound) by Jeffrey Bowen
for solo violin and live electronics  

Instrepere II by Nuno Costa
for solo voice  

Four Voices by Nomi Epstein
for four singers  

Ludio/Post Ludio by Dario Pino
for solo clarinet  

Warenfetisch by Zach Thomas
for solo cello  


Acrisolares by Pedro Alvarez
for piccolo, tenor saxophones, vibraphone, and piano

Sin título (fui) by Ignacio Baca-Lobera
for female voice and pre-recorded electronics

Mirror, Mirror… by Robert Baker
for two violins

sub rosa by Santa Bušs
for amplified violin and soprano

Holophony by Panayiotis Kokoras
for string quartet

Maximes by Nicolas Marty
for choir

Hallelujah by Joo Won Park
for vibraphone and computer

Modéles dans le sable by Adriàn Pertout
for two violins