Featuring Quince Vocal Ensemble

Carrie Henneman Shaw (soprano) Psyche
Elizabeth Pearse (mezzo-soprano) Venus
Anna Elder (soprano) Chorus
Kayleigh Butcher (mezzo-soprano) Chorus


Adam Zahller (tenor) Cupid/Chorus
Justin Anthony Spenner (baritone) Father/Cupid
Anthony Green (cello)
Joey Crane (cello)

Betsy McCann Conductor
Joey Crane Stage Director

Michael Duffy Live Mixing/Tech

The Golden Ass is a modern setting of the Cupid and Psyche myth that focuses primarily on the relationship between Psyche and her jealous mother-in-law, Venus, and both their relationships to society. In this version of the story, Psyche is presented as a dissociating young girl (in no stars), a reluctant new bride (in shuangxi or “double happy”), and as both the daughter of one man and the wife of another who no longer value their partners as their partners begin to age (grow old). Venus encapsulates her own concerns about aging and the fear of being supplanted by a younger, more “viable” woman in mais mes mains (or “but my hands”). Society, presented in the form of a Greek chorus, watches Psyche’s life unfold—at times silently failing to speak on her behalf, while at other times, amplifying the abusive voices that surround her.

Information on ticketing will be available in January.